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Ufuk from Frankfurt

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Have you completed your studies, yet still don't really know which direction to go? As a university graduate, many doors are open to you at our company, as we are always seeking young, motivated team members. As the No. 1 recruitment agency, we know how vital motivated employees are to the success of a company. That is why you and your expertise are a top priority to us. Through open communication and direct feedback, we ensure that you can develop your personal strengths. In our company, success is a question of attitude – your career path is open.

In this video you can see how Alexander experienced getting started at Hays in Munich.

your entry as an account manager
or as a recruiting specialist

Start out directly after your university studies or as a young professional with one to two years of work experience in our Key Account Management or as a Recruiting Specialist. All you need is a degree in economics, humanities or social sciences to work in Key Account Management, or a successful degree or apprenticeship in HR to join us as a Recruiting Specialist. However, your willingness to perform is far more important to us than your field of studies. If you are a strong communicator, have an instinct for people and a knack for sales, all doors are open to you at our company. Seize the opportunity and fulfil your dream of working abroad or in a career offering rapid upward advancement. You will have access to more than 250 offices worldwide and will find the best conditions for assuming management responsibility with us. This is because we fill most of our management and executive positions from the ranks of our own junior employees. We'll support you towards achieving your goals and being successful in your job. And in doing so, we pay attention to a good work-life balance.


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Nils from Karlsruhe

Your entry in our Key Account Management

As a Hays Account Manager, you enter directly into the field of Key Account Management.

Sarah from Wiesbaden

Your start as a Recruiting Specialist

As a Recruiting Specialist at Hays, you have the responsible task of filling our customers' job openings with the right experts.

your entry at hays
in corporate functions

Start at our backoffice at Hays

At our head office in Mannheim you also have the opportunity to find your career entry in the back office. There are numerous opportunities here to find a job that matches your ideas. You can contribute in the areas of finance, reception, facility management, human resources, IT, marketing, and legal.

Just like your colleagues, you are eligible for all Hays benefits. You can continue your education at any time through our continuing education programme, benefit from employee discounts and gain valuable experience abroad. Together we will find your career entry and development approach that suits you.

Your first few weeks as
an entry-level employee at Hays

Team spirit is very important to us. That's why already prior to your starting out, we invite you to a lunch with your future team. It is a great opportunity to get to know one another, exchange views and ask any questions you may have in advance.

So you can approach your first week at Hays with total calm. From the very beginning, we will support you and include you in our team. In the first few weeks after you start, we will prepare you for your career with us at our Hays Learning Center. Depending on the branch office where you start out, you will take part in training courses in Mannheim, Hanover, Frankfurt or Vienna. In addition, some modules are offered via web-based training. As an entry-level employee, you will get to know our business model and important techniques for success. In addition, you can grow systematically through workshops and seminars "on the job". Because the key element for us is that you gain practical experience from the start and contribute within your team. That is why an experienced colleague will be at your side as a mentor with advice and support. This colleague will help you to achieve your goals and to chart the proper direction at Hays.

Your start at the Hays Learning Center

Would you like to take a seat in our Hays Learning Center?

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Don't worry about academic titles or your training – as long as your attitude is right, we'll find a place for you in our Key Account Management, as a Hays Recruiting Specialist or in the back office. To give you an impression of what really matters to us, you can test our matchmaker. Here the key is: Simply be yourself. There is no right or wrong answer. Why not go head and see if we can be your partner for launching your career after your studies or your apprenticeship, and together we will shape your career!

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Do you still need additional information? You'll surely find the answers in our career brochure. There you will also find out which benefits are standard at our company and why our employees are so satisfied.

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