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You have already graduated from school or you are about to, and you are seeking a profession with a future? Whether it's direct contact with customers, in office management, analytical tasks, creative topics or in the IT field – we involve you from day one and assign responsible tasks to you. This allows you to be actively involved in everyday work from the beginning, and to fully develop your talents. So why not go ahead. Apply now, get to know the Hays spirit, and you too can profit from our benefits.

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Dual courses of study
at hays

For practical relevance in your studies

  • Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW)

    • Bachelor of Arts – Marketing Management with various areas of focus
    • Bachelor of Arts – RSW Accounting & Controlling
    • Bachelor of Science – Business Informatics with various areas of focus
    • Bachelor of Arts – Business Administration Digital Business Management
    • Bachelor of Arts – BWL HR Management


    Your dual studies start with us every year on 1 September. In the first month, you will complete a pre-study internship with us to become better acquainted with Hays. Your studies will then officially begin on 1 October. The programme alternates between theory and practice every three months. During on-the-job assignments, you will gain exciting and multi-faceted insights into certain areas of the company that are important for your studies. During the theory phases, you will attend the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) and receive your university degree there. The dual study programme lasts a total of 3 years.

  • IU International University of Applied Sciences

    • Bachelor of Arts - Business Administration Marketingmanagement


    Your dual study program in cooperation with the IU (International University of Applied Sciences) starts annually on April 1 and October 1 (with a pre-study internship, you can also start your studies on March 1 or September 1). The study program consists of practical and theoretical parts in the form of a split week. You study on two days and can apply what you have learned in practice in our Key Account Management on three days. The dual study program lasts a total of 3.5 years and leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree.

    Please note: The range of apprenticeships and dual study programmes at Hays may vary from year to year. Therefore, it may not be possible to offer you the same range of apprenticeships every year and at all locations. Check out our job overview to find out which apprenticeships and dual courses of study are available this year.

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    IU International University of Applied Sciences

Apprenticeship professions
at hays

Apprenticeship professions

    • Personnel Services Assistant (m/f/d) or
    • Management Assistant for Office Communication (m/f/d)

    Your apprenticeship starts with us every year on 1 August. You alternate between vocational school days and working days in your apprenticeship department. While you are learning the necessary theoretical know-how at vocational school, you can put your knowledge into practice in your apprenticeship department and assume your own tasks and projects. Your apprenticeship lasts a total of 3 years – under certain conditions you can shorten it to 2 1/2 years.

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your advantages
with hays

  • Hays Training Campus

    The Hays Training Campus is an in-house learning platform. Here we provide you with various learning content that you need to successfully complete your apprenticeship or your dual studies. Depending on the topic of focus, you can complete course work in the form of Teams training sessions, project groups or classroom training.

  • Stay abroad

    You would like to gain experience abroad during your dual studies? We support you in completing a three-month theory phase at one of the DHBW's partner universities.

  • Opportunity for permanent employment

    Do you already have ideas about what you'll be doing after your successful apprenticeship with our company? There is a good chance that based on good performance, we will hire you following your apprenticeship or dual studies. The decisive factor is not only your grade point average, but also how satisfied we are with one another. Where you want to go and whether there are any openings for you there.

  • Internal Career Opportunities

    In our company, you have the best opportunities for promotion and career advancement. Because we recruit 90% of our managers from our junior employees. We support you in your personal and professional development through individual assessment and development discussions.

  • Onboarding programme

    We'll give you the support you need from the beginning. In the first few weeks after you start out, the Hays Learning Center will prepare you for your career at Hays. In addition to classroom learning sessions, you'll be exposed to learning content in supplementary web-based training sessions.

  • Mentor / Peer Programme

    During your apprenticeship or your studies, your mentor will support and guide you. In addition, you will also have the guidance of a trainee from a higher apprenticeship year or a dual student from a higher semester.

  • Apprenticeship remuneration

    Gaining practical experience is important and valuable, but compensation at Hays is also impressive. And the best thing is that your remuneration increases with each year of training or study. During your training as an office management assistant (m/f/d), you will receive between €860 and €1,000 per month. During your training as a personnel services clerk (m/f/d), your training salary will be between €910 and €1,100 per month.

    As part of a dual study program at the DHBW, you will receive between €1,100 and €1,300 per month. If you choose a dual study program in cooperation with IU, we will cover the entire tuition fees and you will also receive a monthly allowance of up to 640€, depending on the academic year. In addition, we conduct a salary analysis on the market every two years and adjust our salaries accordingly if necessary, so that current inflation, for example, is also taken into account.

  • Flanking preparatory courses

    In addition to our training campus, we provide you with the opportunity to optimally prepare for your final exam. As a trainee, you'll receive free access to the online learning platform Where needed, we give our dual students the opportunity to take a mathematics prep course specifically geared to their studies.

  • Employee Discounts & Additional Benefits

    We cooperate with the Corporate Benefits portal. This gives you access to numerous discounts on travel, leisure, media, technology and fashion. What's more, we offer tax-free meal subsidies for your lunch. As a trainee, you'll also receive a discounted job ticket, which will give you perfect commuter access to our centrally located branch offices. If you pursue a dual study programme with us, we will pay all tuition fees and pay a EUR 150 book stipend for the entire duration of your studies. In addition, we enable you to focus intensively on the study curriculum. We offer you a paid leave of absence for study trips, project work or your bachelor thesis.

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