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Room for manoeuvre and creative freedom. You are a permanent team member from the start, receive a professional induction and learn the necessary know-how from your mentor. In the meantime, you will have the chance to gain intensive insights into our everyday work. And the best thing about it: If you convince us with good performance, the prospects of being taken on after your studies are very good.

Do you not only want to join us in the form of an internship or as a working student, but also write your final thesis with us? Then you've come to the right place! Just send us your CV and concrete suggestions for topics!

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Erfahrungen aus erster Hand
Mona - Praktikantin im Internal Recruiting

Mona - Praktikantin Internal Recruiting

What does your typical working day look like?

Together with my direct colleague, I look after the vacancies for interns and working students completely independently. In the morning, we create the applications that have been newly received and then send out confirmations of receipt. Then we schedule telephone interviews. We conduct these independently and then take care of the acceptances or rejections.

Why did you choose this internship?

The candidate experience was great for me. I felt very comfortable and picked up throughout the entire application process. The first telephone interview was very pleasant and left a positive impression. The scope of duties and the company values appealed to me and it is simply very important to me that I also feel comfortable in the team in addition to the scope of duties. I immediately sensed that this was a good fit.

Describe Hays as an employer in 3 words:

Familiar, appreciative, flexible



Still not convinced?
This is why we at Hays are so happy

As a Hays working student or intern, you will be treated exactly the same as any other employee. You'll also receive discounts on media, technology and fashion, have the opportunity to work flexibly, whether from home or in one of our offices, and benefit from fitness opportunities or mental training within the scope of our wellbeing programme. You can increase your learning by freely accessing our further education opportunities and by consulting your personal mentor at any time.

For you as a Hays working student, however, the prospect of permanent employment is perhaps the greatest advantage. We also gladly hire Hays interns who have already gained experience with us. We are always looking for competent Account Managers and Recruiting Specialists. As a Hays working student, you can be where the action is, gathering wide-ranging experience, insights into our customers' companies and the working world of tomorrow.

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How working at Hays feels like

visit us at a an event
and Speak to us in person

In searching for motivated, open-minded and curious employees, we follow the same path as you do when looking for a job. And where possible, we would like to meet you in person. That's why we are represented at many events and career fairs and would be delighted if you approached us there directly and took the opportunity to talk to your future colleagues. Take the chance to gain first-hand information and a peek behind the scenes.

We look forward to meeting you in person. The initial handshake, a friendly smile, a friendly greeting are already a good start. In addition, you make a favourable impression with your personality if you are open, curious and approachable. Because: the first impression also counts for us, too. Why not seize the opportunity and send us your CV – it has never been so easy to apply.

Erfahrungsberichte unserer

Onur, Werkstudent Marketing


  • Warum hast du dich für diesen Job entschieden?
    Bereits während meines sechsmonatigen Praktikums bei Hays hat mir der Aufgabenbereich schon sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Ich hatte eine steile Lernkurve, wurde immer gefördert und gefordert und durfte bereits von Beginn an sehr selbstständig an eigenen Projekten arbeiten.

    Was schätzt du an Hays am meisten?
    Dass ich sehr flexibel und remote arbeiten kann. Außerdem schätze ich meine Arbeitskolleginnen und Arbeitskollegen und das Klima drumherum.

    Beschreibe Hays als Arbeitgeber in 3 Worten:
    Vielfältig, international, familiär.

Leonie, Werkstudentin Hays Talent Solutions (HTS)


  • Warum passt dein Arbeitgeber zu dir?
    Weil Hays mir viele Möglichkeiten und Optionen bietet mich in unterschiedliche Richtungen und Rollen zu entwickeln, um mich sowohl persönlich als auch beruflich weiterzuentwickeln.

    Wie sieht dein typischer Arbeitsalltag aus?
    Eigentlich gibt es keinen typischen Arbeitsalltag. Ich arbeite meistens an den Tagen, an denen wir unsere Teammeetings haben. Dort sprechen wir darüber, welche Projekte wir aktuell betreuen und unterstützen uns dabei gegenseitig. Ansonsten recherchiere viel und arbeite konzeptionell an meinen Projekten.

    Beschreibe Hays als Arbeitgeber in 3 Worten:
    Hilfsbereit, offen, flexibel.

Is there a required minimum duration for internships?

You should plan at least four months for an internship with us. As a rule, most internships are scheduled for six months. This gives you the opportunity to gain a deep insight into everyday working life and to take on interesting tasks.

Do I have to be enrolled during the internship?

Yes, it is necessary that you are enrolled during your internship. An exception to this are internships that are carried out within the gap year (between bachelor and master studies).

Does Hays assign topics for bachelor's/master's theses?

If you would like to write a practice-oriented bachelor's or master's thesis, we would be happy to receive specific topic suggestions from you. You can send them by e-mail to You are welcome to combine your thesis with an internship or working student activity with us or to write your thesis afterwards.