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Hays wins HR Excellence Award 2023

Building bridges to a more equal working environment - Hays wins HR Excellence Award 2023

We received the HR Excellence Award 2023 in the Sustainability Management & Social Engagement category for our corporate volunteering programme Helping for your tomorrow. Why? Because we deliberately approach our CSR commitment differently than many others. To pave the way into the world of work for people with fewer opportunities, we don't rely on the donation can, but on skills-based volunteering. And thus on what we do best: With the help of application days, mentoring, CV checks and coaching, we support disadvantaged people in finding their place in the world of work. This is how we create opportunities that change lives for the better. This is how we counteract the shortage of skilled labour. And last but not least, we give our employees a new sense of purpose in their work. In building this bridge to a more equal working world, we do not act in isolation, but in close cooperation with our strategic partner organisations JOBLINGE, Haus des Stiftens, Queermentor and MyAbility - ensuring that we have a truly sustainable and profound social impact.

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