Apply successfully
but how?

Tips for your

curriculum vitae

Your resume is the heart of your application and should be prepared with great care and attention. Here you list both your school/academic career and your previous work experience, for example in the form of internships, student jobs or specific work experience. For the individual stations, make a note of the specific tasks you have performed in the respective station. If available, you can also include experience abroad.
For the structure, we recommend an antichronological order, so that the current station is listed first and the stations further back are listed further down. When it comes to skills, in addition to the classics such as language skills and tools, there is also room for hobbies and soft skills that could be important for the desired job. Always include the level at which you have mastered the above. 


Tips for your

cover letter

One thing in advance: we want to make it as easy as possible for you, so we do not require a cover letter. However, if you would like to tell us more about yourself and your personality in addition to your resume, you are still welcome to send us a cover letter. Your cover letter reflects you and your personality. See this as an opportunity to make your application documents your set card and give it a personal touch. You can set yourself apart from other applicants with an individual layout, design or wording. 

Make yourself interesting and make it clear that you are the perfect applicant (m/f/d)!

First, take a close look at the job ad: What should the applicant be able to do and what can you do? Where have you already gained this or similar experience? What interests you about the position? 

Show the recruiting team that your interests and skills fit the position and the company and that you can identify with the corporate culture. Demonstrate your qualifications and skills with real-world examples. You can use storytelling to make your experience more tangible and show your creativity at the same time. Last but not least, pay attention to formalities, such as correct addresses, correct spelling of names (e.g. of the person to whom you are addressing your cover letter), the current date, a subject line naming the position, and your handwritten signature at the end.


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Tips for

The telephone interview is often the first step in the application process. In our recruiting process, this telephone interview is also the first qualified step in the application process. The telephone interview will take place with a recruiter (m/f/d) from our Internal Recruiting team and will be arranged with you in advance by telephone. You should plan about 20-30 minutes for the phone call. 

We have summarized some tips for you on how to prepare for the telephone interview:

  • Look at the job description again carefully 

  • Make sure that you have your resume in mind and that you can present yourself and your career flexibly

  • Find out about our business model: who are we and what exactly do we do?

  • Think about the general conditions: Where would you like to work? When can you join us? Get a realistic picture of the earning potential in the respective position and think about your salary expectations.

  • Think about why you are interested in the position and which of your experience(s) can be transferred to the vacant position.

  • Find a quiet and undisturbed environment so that you can fully concentrate on the phone call.

  • Make sure that you have good reception for the phone call or otherwise leave your landline number with your recruiter (m/f/d) to be on the safe side

  • Think about what open questions you have

  • Do you remember where or how you heard about Hays and the vacant position?

  • Last but not least: smile - the person you are talking to will also notice this over the phone.

Tips for 
Your personal interview

Maybe you've asked yourself what the ideal applicant (m/f/d) should look like at our company and what you have to do to please us. Our tip: Just be yourself. Because we know you are more than your resume! Take this opportunity to check whether your expectations of your future job match what we can offer you. 

We have summarized some tips for you to help you prepare: 

  • Read the job description again and make sure that you are able to present yourself and your CV freely in the direct interview. 
  • What practical experience have you had so far? Which of these can be transferred to the vacant position?
  • How do you envision the position and the workday in concrete terms?
  • How do you understand our business model in detail?
  • Dare to ask questions to check whether your expectations match what we can offer you.
  • In addition to the things we hear, the things we see are also important in a personal interview. This includes facial expressions, gestures, posture and voice. Practice the interview and especially your self-introduction with friends or family and get constructive and honest feedback from them 
  • Always remember: it is about getting to know each other and it is quite normal to be nervous. So stay calm! We look forward to getting to know you! 

On our Youtube channel you can find more tips on the topic of job applications and how you can best prepare for them. 

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