From: Talent Marketing


Our new mobility concept offers our employees great additional benefits

We are delighted that, following a pilot and test phase, we can now offer almost 900 employees the opportunity to benefit from a wide range of mobility options. Thanks to the new Future Mobility concept, employees can organize their mobility needs individually and independently. That sounds great at first - but what does it mean in concrete terms?

The Future Mobility concept is a further development of our previous company car allowance policy. In the future, employees in various positions will continue to have the option of a company car - although a car will be just one possible form of mobility among many others.

Eligible employees will receive a monthly budget for a wide variety of mobility purposes that can be used flexibly. It currently includes 22 different offers and services. These include for example the “Jobrad”, public transport rides, refueling of the private car, parking garage fees and Uber rides. In addition, the budget can be used for renting bikes on vacation or saved up for the next month. All of this can be easily controlled via an app, which can also be used to upload the relevant receipts. The mobility budget used is billed with the next pay slip.

The newly launched mobility budget is a further step towards sustainable and lower-emission mobility at Hays, and at the same time a great benefit for our employees.