Engagement und Commitment ➨ Unser Jugenförderungsprogramm bei Hays

Creating opportunities,
discovering talents

Paving the way for people to succeed. Making companies strong. Counteracting the shortage of skilled workers and creating opportunities that positively change lives. We also pursue this goal with our "Helping for your tomorrow" programme.

The programme bundles the entire charitable and voluntary commitment of our company and our employees. Our goal is to use "Helping for your tomorrow" to promote the employability of people who may not have the same opportunities as others. In this way, we can positively influence the working world of tomorrow today. Assuming social responsibility has always been part of the Hays DNA: we have always been committed to corporate citizenship and support charitable projects.

Disaster relief

Sleeves up in times of crisis

The war against Ukraine is driving many people into distress and to flee. Our donations of time, money and goods help to alleviate the suffering of those affected at least a little.

Youth engagement

Support young people

Equal opportunities means education for all. We are involved in various projects for children with starting difficulties and support disadvantaged people on their educational path.

Undiscovered talents

Unleash hidden potential

We are committed to helping disadvantaged people discover what abilities lie dormant in them and how they can contribute their talents.


Promote diverse backgrounds

Different perspectives and cultural backgrounds are the basis for good decisions. That is why we stand up for the opportunities of people with a migration history.