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Philipp and Marco from Key Account Management

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What are your tasks? How do your new colleagues think and feel? How do they tackle projects? And what makes Hays so special?

We have asked for you. Get to know your future and take a look behind the scenes of the No. 1 in personnel services!

Meryem from Delivery Management in Mannheim

from career entry

Ufuk, Department Manager Sales


  • "With no other employer do you get feedback so quickly for what you've done well or perhaps badly."

    Ufuk joined Hays in Frankfurt as an account manager in 2013 after studying economics. He was immediately taken by the people business and the opportunity to make a difference. As a Hays employee, he also learned that success does not happen overnight. "People have a classic image of a salesperson in their head: polarising, super communicative, always at the forefront. That's not me. Sure, I like to talk. But I prefer to listen even more. I like to ask questions and want to understand my counterpart."

    Today, Ufuk is a senior team leader and, together with his team, places freelance IT specialists with public sector companies. Although management takes up much of his weekly working time, Ufuk does not want to retire from operational sales. "With no other employer do you get feedback so quickly for what you did well or maybe badly. I have been able to gain so much experience and try things out. Some of my clients I've been looking after since my first day at Hays and I was only able to sell after three years! And clearly, that sense of achievement is what keeps me going."

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Sina, Senior Recruiting Specialist


  • "It's about finding suitable profiles as quickly as possible. As a result, our processes are much faster than in a traditional HR department."

    Sina didn't initially think of a career at a recruitment agency after her sports management studies. She actually wanted to become a sports journalist. However, a former fellow student brought Hays and the recruitment industry to her attention. "She told me about her experience with Hays as an employer and the entry-level opportunities and said that I could fit in well with my open nature," Sina explains. That's how she ended up starting as a Recruiting Specialist in Mannheim in 2016. As part of this, Sina places freelancers in the IT sector with companies in the Rhine-Neckar region and accompanies the entire recruitment process from customer enquiry to acceptance. "It's all about finding suitable profiles as quickly as possible. Speed is our unique selling point. As a result, our processes run much more efficiently than in a traditional HR department," Sina explains.

    Over time, she has learned to assess how likely individual positions are to be filled and when it is worthwhile to search longer. All in all, she has found that the specialists and managers approached usually react very positively to her calls and often consider these personnel service providers to be a good door opener. She also receives great appreciation for her work from her team.

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Our Professionals'

Christian, Teamlead Sales


  • "I give my employees a lot of trust right from the start. Only in this way can independence and a sense of responsibility grow."

    Like some other colleagues at Hays, Christian originally wanted to do "something with people" as a career. After studying geography, he first gained experience in city marketing in Stuttgart and then moved to a personnel service provider as a sales planner. With his valuable industry experience, Christian started as a team leader at Hays in Stuttgart in January 2017.

    Christian has gradually built up his own team. "I was able to choose for myself who I wanted to go down the path with and didn't have anyone put in front of me. Because that can be challenging at times." His vision as a leader? To fully recognise and use the existing potential of his employees. "When employees are constantly learning and realise that they are constantly developing professionally and personally with their work, a job is really fun. Christian places a lot of trust in his employees and they take responsibility for what they do right from the start. And if someone doesn't have the same quality standards as he does, he steers them in the right direction. "Only in this way independence and a sense of responsibility can grow," says Christian.

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Our school leavers'

Meryem, Apprentice Management Assistant for personnel services


  • „My development depends on my performance, not my preset syllabus.”

    It is common knowledge that your gut feeling never lies. Nonetheless listening to it can be a challenge. Meryem from Stuttgart also made this experience. Due to a friend she became aware of a vocational training for management assistant for personnel services, which is a relatively new qualified job. What she likes most about it is the great amount of practical tasks and the close contact to people.

    When she chose Hays as her employer it was a truly intuitive decision: “The interview was more warm-hearted than I had expected it. Both interviewers were very friendly and attentive which is why I felt very comfortable during the interview.”

    From the beginning Meryem was welcomed as a stable member of her unit – on a professional and personal level. With each month her team leader Christian was able to give her more responsibilities. “Christian made my development dependent on my performance, not my preset syllabus.” Therefore she has been able to gather a lot of valuable experience.

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